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Hey everyone, it is me C/CPL Fauziyah Al-Khalil, but you can call me Zia. As you know, I am the mastermind behind this page. If you didnt check out my homepage, here is a brief bio of me:


Age: none of your business

Location: Hillside, New Jersey

Stats: Look at my pictures below

Status: Taken (y'all know by who)

Job: Jrotc cadet, weebsite builder

Interests: Shopping, talking on the phone, using the computer, JROTC (special teams), playing the violin, going to NYC, doing anything that is fun, etc

Future Career: I want to be a JAG in either the Marines or the Army


I am in color guard, unarmed drill team, armed drill team, trick unarmed, trick armed, Raiders, and I am the secretary of the cadet fund. I also am planning to run track.

you can email me at





thanx for checking out this place, feel free to check out my homepage and sign the guestbooks

Meet my Smiley! Say hi Angel! SMILE!!!

Meet my Smiley

Her name is ANGEL

Smiley Pet: A pet whose main purpose is to make people smile!

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