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HHS JROTC Unarmed/Armed Drill Team



Unarmed Drill Team is commanded by C/CPT D. Banfo. In Unarmed Drill cadets learn how to improve their marching skills, individually and with a group. Unarmed Drill has performed at By-Invite-Night, and at many competitions.

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Recent Competitions:

Camden High school Drill Competition- October 1998

West Point Drill Competition- March 1999

League 2 Drill Competition G.L. HS- April 1999 - 3rd place Squad

Sea Girt State Drill Competition- May 1999

Camden Drill Competition- Oct 1999

League 3 Drill Competition St. Peter's College- Feb 2000

NYMA Drill Competition- March 2000-5th place

Neptune Drill Competition- Nov 2000

Montclair Drill Competition- Dec 2000 

Armed Drill Team is commanded by C/MSG Michael Valente. In Armed Drill, cadets learn how to march and maneuver with a rifle. They also learn the proper way to handle a rifle, clean and take care of a rifle. Armed Drill has performed at the 8th Grade Parent Orientation at HHS and a few competitions.

Recent Competitions:

West Point Drill Competition- March 1999

Gov. Livingston Drill Competition- April 1999 (2nd place for squad)


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