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Hillside JROTC Color/Honor Guard



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Color Guard is commanded by C/MSG Patricia Pato. There are about 10-15 active cadets in Color Guard, mostly LET 1, but there is a decent amount of the higher LET levels. The HHS JROTC Color Guard presents the colors at most community activities. The above picture was taken at our annual Halloween Parade last October. We have participated in many parades, school functions, basketball games, football games, the Homecoming Parade, and many more events. (12 Mar 04)

Recent Competitions:

Camden High School Drill Competition- October 1998

West Point Drill Competition- March 1999

League 2 Drill Competition G.L. HS- April 1999- 3rd place

Sea Girt State Drill Competition- May 1999 - 3rd place 

Camden Drill Competition- Oct 1999- 3rd place 

League 3 Drill Competition St Peter's College- Feb 2000

NYMA Drill Competition- March 2000

Sea Girt State Competition- May 2000

Neptune Drill Competition- Nov 2000-1st place

Montclair Drill Competition- Dec 2000- 2nd place Armed Color Guard & 3rd place Unarmed Color Guard

Montclair Drill Competition- Dec 2001 2nd Place Unarmed Color Guard & 3rd Place Armed Color Guard

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